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The Team

A diverse talented team that ensures creativity and guarantees results. Understanding clients’ needs enabling speed to market and aiming at making things better for the people we work with and the communities we work in.

Technical Expertise

We are not just an agency we are much more. We work within a manufacturing environment, that gives us immediate access to all spheres of expertise and enabling direct access to all processes.

Market Research

Our global outreach, diverse divisions, and first-hand information through our Beauty Source platform, we collate valuable information. All derived from surveys, focus groups, workshops, which help identify problems ensuring a solution based on consumer needs.


Our innovation remains one step ahead. Our team thinks outside the box, identifies packaging problems on the market and creates designs to sustain customers based on meeting their inherent needs.


Bringing to life a brand’s identity by creating more than just a logo, giving a unique identity. Creating opportunity for a company’s vision to attract first-time buyers into lifetime customers.

Packaging Design

50 years of creative experience in connecting ideas, with the objective of having a global product development platform, which connects ideas with knowledge and capabilities.